Pio in the media

We made the list Fast Company

We made the list!

Pio has been recognized as a finalist in Fast Company's 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards! See the article here: (External link)

  • Pio at Barbershop/Dapper

    Retail Brew

    Pio's cube storage technology has streamlined Barbershop's order fulfillment process, reducing the time and labor required for their warehouse operations:(External link)

  • Pio cube storage

    Inbound Logistics

    AutoStore has launched a subsidiary called Pio to bring its cube storage technology to small and midsize businesses: (External link)

  • Pio robot

    Robotics World

    Based on a pay-per-pick service model, Pio allows SMBs, such as retailers of apparel, sporting goods, crafts, and cosmetics, to deploy robotic automation for storage and distribution for a relatively low investment:(External link)

  • Pio Grid


    Pio pointed out as one of the top five industry disrupters that stood out at NRF. Read the article in FashionUnited here: (External link)

  • Patrik Wallgren

    If your business is successful, it’s likely you’ll end up in logistics hell. Read the Swedish article about Pio in Ehandel here: (External link)

  • Pio robots


    Pio has the attention of the local business community. Highlighting our local development team and unique Robots as a Service offering, Rosenkilden put Pio in the spotlight with their double-spread article: Made in Stavanger. Read the article on Page 28 here (External link in Norwegian)

  • Magne Hatteland & Mats Hovland Vikse


    Pio, an offshoot from the mothership AutoStore, offers entry-level automation solutions to small businesses. Read the Norwegian article in Shifter. (External link)

  • Pio Port

    Warehouse Totaal

    AutoStore's newest weapon, Pio: what it is and what it offers. Read the Dutch article in Warehouse Totaal (External link)

  • Pio at NRF


    Pio named "Most Interesting" among warehouse automation shown at NRF according to Styleintelligence Read more about it here: (External link)

  • Pio Robots


    We've formed a strategic partnership with the largest Norwegian webstore platform. See the Norwegian article in Computerworld , about the cooperation with Mystore. (External link)

  • Magne Hatteland and Lars Tveiten

    Moderne Transport

    New partnership will help small businesses with automation. Read the Norwegian article in Moderne Transport. (External link)

  • The modern environment Pio gets to call home

    Stavanger Aftenblad

    Read about the modern environment Pio gets to call home. We're fortunate to get to work in a space so thoughtfully designed by our product manager, Simen Aarseth.

    Read about the cool premises in which Pio is housed. Norwegian article in Stavanger Aftenblad. (External link)

  • Mathilde Quilleré

    Welcome to the team, Mathilde. See the Norwegian article in about our newly appointed Marketing Manager. (External link)

  • Pio Robots

    Little Black Book

    See the article in Little Black Book about Pio as a next generation tech brand, robots, and a future with more choice. (External link)

  • Der/Ute


    Norwegian Article in Finansavisen about our customer Der/Ute and getting a Pio: (External link)

  • Dagens Næringsliv

    Dagens Næringsliv

    Read the Norwegian article in Dagens Næringsliv about AutoStore enabling best-in-class warehouse automation for SMBs with Pio, setting them on a path to future growth. (External link)

  • NRK

    Pio’s live broadcast on NRK (in Norwegian) about AutoStore setting its sights on e-commerce with its headquarters in Stavanger. (External link)

  • Adweek

    Read the article in Adweek about the new tech brand created and designed to disrupt the warehouse automation industry. (External link)

  • NRK


    See the Norwegian interview with Product Director Simen Aarseth on national TV (NRK) and find out why Pio believes in meaningful work and inner motivation. (External link)

  • Aftenbladet


    Norwegian article in Aftenbladet about Pio’s meaningful culture, supportive environment, and, last but not least, fun workplace! (External link)


    We love our customers and their passions. See the Norwegian article in about Blender Agency and how they can finally focus on people instead of warehousing thanks to Pio. (External link)