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What is Pio?

Pio is an automated storage and retrieval system, designed to eradicate inefficiencies and optimize warehouse operations. Instead of transitional racking and shelving, Pio uses a cube-based system to utilize capacity in storage spaces.

Stock items are stored in bins which are stacked next to and on top of each other like building blocks in an aluminum grid. Robots drive on tracks along the top, continuously digging, retrieving, and delivering the bins to workstation ports as needed. Staff can then access the inventory at the ports for order fulfillment. Robots then collect the bins and return them to the grid.

The result? A warehouse automation system providing brands with the reliability they need to create customer-winning logistics through speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

How do I expand my Pio?

It's super simple. You can easily expand your grid — even when the system is running.

What's the lead time on my Pio system?

The current lead time from order to install is 12 weeks. Installation times vary, but on average take 5-7 days.

What if I outgrow my Pio system?

Our system is designed to grow with your business. However, if you find the need for a more advanced solution we can refer you to our parent company, AutoStore.

What's the efficiency improvement I can expect using Pio?

Your efficiency gain will depend on a number of factors, such as your picking speed before and after, error reduction ratio and storage area reduction.
Normally 2 to 5 times faster than manual picking operations.

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