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"We used to have two people picking all day. Now there’s just one, and they’re done by lunch time.”
Stine & Øyvind
Founders, KO:KO
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"The robots can deal with the ware-house and we can focus on people."
Kyrre Alver
Founder, Blender Agency
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“Now that everything goes inside this ‘magic box’, you don’t even need to think about the products until you actually need them.”
Andreas Doppelmayr
CEO, Dapper
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"With Pio, we can focus on selling more, with less errors, less customer service, and less people to manage."
Greg Taube
CEO, Famme
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"Now I can go on holiday with my family, while knowing that the customers will receive their orders on time."
Richard Bendiksen
CEO, Vakre Vene
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What is the efficiency improvement I can expect using the P100?

Your efficiency gain will depend on a number of factors, such as your picking speed before and after, error reduction ratio and storage area reduction.
Normally, our customers experience 5x faster fulfillment compared to their manual picking operations.

How do I expand my P100?

We designed the system to be scalable. You can easily expand your grid — even when the system is running.

What's included as part of the installation?
We'll work with you to configure your P100, help you integrate the software with your existing system, deliver and install hardware, run training on the system and provide documentation and ongoing support.
What is the lead time of my P100?

The current lead time from order to install is 16 weeks. Installation times vary, but on average takes 5-7 days.