Our warehouse automation system supercharges small-to-midsize businesses with unrivaled performance, productivity, and efficiency.

Why pio?

Don’t just keep up. Innovate.

Pio automates warehouse storage and retrieval for small-to-midsize businesses, eliminating common pain points such as slow fulfillment and mismanaged inventory.

Combining smart design, powerful robotics, and elegant software, Pio leaves the traditional warehouse far in the past – where we think it belongs.

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10x faster fulfillment.

Customers want their orders, fast.
Pio makes same-day order fulfillment a breeze.

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99.9% accuracy.

Human error leads to losses.
Pio brings superior precision to product picking.

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5x more space.

Traditional warehouses waste space.
Pio is the most compact storage solution available.

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99.7% system uptime.

System downtime = Business downtime.
Pio is proven to run reliably and efficiently.

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Have questions?

Pio is a new concept, so we get it.

Speak with a Pio expert if you can’t find your answer below.

How does pio work?

Powered by software and robotics, Pio automates the process of storing and retrieving inventory for orders. We sometimes describe Pio as a next-gen vending machine for your warehouse that makes storing and retrieving products an effortless process.

Rather than hunting down goods in a maze of shelves and aisles, you simply tap a screen, and Pio delivers goods to its access port, faster and more accurately than a manual system.

We break down Pio into its main parts, here.


Pio lets you keep your warehouse and order fulfillment in-house, rather than outsourcing to a third-party logistics company where you lose oversight on operations (and often, sources of errors and inefficiencies).

Having a Pio system running your warehouse means you maintain autonomy and control of your business. Plus, we can install Pio wherever you are – no need to expand or relocate.


Pio’s pricing depends on the size of your business, and your estimated throughput. We created a few pricing models to get you started, which you can explore here.


We install Pio for you, which takes just a couple weeks, and then it’s as simple as plug and play. The system seamlessly syncs with your online store, including your ecommerce and shipping platform.

We’re here to help you throughout the process: we help design your Pio, integrate with your existing system, deliver and install hardware, run training on the system, and provide documentation and ongoing support.

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Your independent business matters.

And we’re here to help you thrive – just like we’ve helped these innovative brands.

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Pio is designed for you.

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