FAST COMPANY — THE MONTHLY BUSINESS MAGAZINE — included Pio in their 2023 World Changing Ideas Awards.


For over two decades, the world's largest corporations have been able to make significant investments into automating their logistics — increasing efficiency and maximizing profits. These advantages have been almost entirely inaccessible to smaller, but just as successful, businesses that have to fight an expensive, uphill battle in order to scale up and see continued growth.


Pio is leveling the playing field by democratizing warehouse automation. Smaller brands and ecommerce businesses now have the option to maintain control of their operations without reinventing the wheel. When creators and creatives are enabled to get more of their time, energy and resources away from ballooning logistics costs and complexities, they are able to get back to growing their business.


"From the start, Pio has been about leveling the playing field for ecommerce and we’ve always thought that was a world-changing idea. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who think so!"

—Magne Hatteland, VP & Co-founder of Pio


Our mention along with all of the winners, finalists, and honorable mentions will be featured in the May 2023 print issue of Fast Company. Be sure to grab a copy and check out the full list of honorees here!