For over two decades, the world’s largest corporations have been able to make significant investments into automating their logistics — increasing efficiency and maximizing profits. These advantages have been almost entirely inaccessible to smaller, but just as successful, businesses that have to fight an expensive, uphill battle in order to scale up and see continued growth while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Pio is different because it aims to empower the little guy; by enabling same-day order processing and eliminating backlog, SMBs are able to turn their logistics from a headache into an afterthought virtually overnight. And by getting items out the door on-time with no fuss, they'll be able to offer a customer experience one could only dream of before.

Never before has the option for a fully-automated storage and retrieval system been offered to the SMB segment — and certainly not with robot technology that has been proven with massive, successful installations around the world for over 20 years.

That’s why you’ll find us at the upcoming NRF 2023 conference at the Javits Center in New York City. Running January 15-17, we’ll be set up at Stand # 952 ready to meet our heroes — the independent brands ready to take the next step in their growth journey with us.