Pio system

Got a Black Friday hangover?

Are you and your team struggling with an order backlog and desperately trying to catch up? Was it worth the many hectic hours, working around the clock?

Maybe you experienced growth and mimicked what everyone else was doing by adding shifts and eventually contributing to burnout. Unfortunately, Black Week can result in a lot of work that hurts your bottom line in the end. More sales do not always mean more profit.

Let’s hear from our Pio customers – what was different about this Black Week compared to before Pio?

Christer Friis, CEO Der/Ute


«Moving into this year’s Black Week we were really excited to put our new Pio solution to the test. Last year, we were working through the weekend and running double shifts until the end of November to handle the backlog. This year, we did not work the weekend and we did not run double shifts. Still, we have no considerable backlog, and there have been no issues with the Pio-system. All in all; this year we had fewer headaches, our operation ran more efficiently, and we really do have more time to focus on what matters most – focusing on growing our business and spending time outdoors».

- Christer Friis CEO of Der/Ute

Richard Bendiksen, CEO of Vakre Vene

Vakre Vene

«For us, Pio has made a huge difference in our ability to deliver quickly to our customers. Previously, it took us three days to fulfill the same number of orders. Now we manage them with 2/3 of the workforce and much faster. We were already completed by Monday.I cannot stress enough how incredibly important it is that customers receive their items quickly. We can now do this thanks to our robots».

- Richard Bendiksen CEO of Vakre Vene

Greg Taube, CEO of  Famme Clothing

Famme Clothing

«Before Pio, Black Friday would be, in addition to increased sales, correlated with a lot of picking mistakes, cancelled orders due to overselling and other warehouse issues. With Pio we can focus on selling more, with less errors, less customer service, and less people to manage».

- Greg Taube CEO of Famme Clothing