How to save energy and costs in your warehouse by using warehouse automation such as Pio

Energy efficiency & Pio

How using Pio saves you energy.

High energy costs can challenge the sustainability of your business – both financially and environmentally. Andreas Doppelmayr, who uses Pio for his company Dapper, finds that Pio actually reduces energy use: “Energy costs are a challenge for us in these times. With Pio, we save electricity.”

How is that possible? You’d assume that robots consume more energy than a traditional warehouse. But in reality, our robots are designed to be as efficient as possible. In fact, they use no more energy than a running laptop – just 100 watts. That’s less energy than used to run a vacuum machine.

What’s more, Pio cuts down dramatically on energy used to heat and light cavernous warehouse spaces, and the subsequent cost. Andreas explains, "with Pio, we save electricity by only heating parts of the warehouse and switching off lighting over the grid.” As our robots run just fine in the dark and the cold, there’s no longer need to pump energy into keeping warehouses hospitable. As the robots take on the tedious tasks in the less-than-cozy conditions of a warehouse, Pio improves working conditions for humans.

We raise sustainability as an essential part of our greater mission. Our parent company, AutoStore, has taken tremendous initiative on lowering our system’s environmental impact and carbon footprint. Dive deeper into our energy efficient solutions at AutoStore’s annual sustainability report.