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Warehouse robotics for SMBs

Run your warehouse like a well-oiled machine with our plug-and-play automated system.

introducing pio

Don’t just keep up. Innovate.

Pio automates warehouse storage and retrieval for small-to-midsize businesses, helping them thrive in an increasingly competitive world.

Combining smart design, powerful robotics, and elegant software, Pio eliminates the stress of running your warehouse.

Elevate efficiency with our warehouse automation system for small-to-midsize businesses

Lacking control?

Disorganized, time-consuming warehouse tasks are preventing you from running your business efficiently.

Empower small-to-midsize businesses with unmatched space efficieny through warehouse automation

Lacking space?

As you grow, space is running out and labor costs are running high.

Boost productivity: Unrivaled warehouse automation for small-to-midsize businesses

Slow fulfillment?

Your fulfillment process is slow and tedious, and it’s losing you customers.


The Pio difference

80% labor reduction.

Pio lets you do more with less labor.

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90% less space needed.

Pio’s compact design lets you store more in less space.

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99.7% system uptime.

Pio is proven to run efficiently and reliably.

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We’re making cutting-edge warehouse automation accessible for all.

Explore our pricing models below.


Pio System 3d Model 65m2

1200 bins store 60,000 T-shirts

Estimated savings per year
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Pio System 3d Model 130m2

3600 bins store 180,000 T-shirts

Estimated savings per year
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Pio System 3d Model 260m2

8500 bins store 425,000 T-shirts

Estimated savings per year
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Estimate your savings.

Use our handy calculator to see how much Pio could help you in the long run.

Fashion & Apparel
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Your accumulated savings year by year

Savings per year


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Your independent business matters.

And we’re here to help you thrive – just like we’ve helped these innovative brands.

Explore success stories
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    Fashion & Apparel


    Dapper has improved shipping in a big way, saving $128.000 a year.

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    Fashion & Apparel

    Vakre Vene

    Vakre Vene are now able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work

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    Fashion & Apparel


    Ko:Ko and the continued success

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    Fashion & Apparel

    Blender Agency

    Blender Agency can now focus on people and let robots deal with the warehouse.

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We assess your specific needs and create a tailored plan for your warehouse.

Design your pio

Build and integrate.

We build your Pio system and seamlessly integrate it with your existing ecommerce platform and online store.

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Seamlessly connect to your existing online store, or any ecommerce platform.

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Transforming warehouses for 25+ years.

Pio is based on AutoStore’s technology, developed across 25+ years with 1000+ installations for industry leaders worldwide.

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