Pio makes it fast and easy to keep your warehouse in-house. Once it’s all installed at your place, just plug-and-play and you’re ready to go in minutes.


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As a smaller retailer, you can be at a disadvantage when it comes to technology. Having Pio means we're on a more level playing field.

Andreas Doppelmayr

Founder of Dapper and Barbershop.no


Fast. Accurate. Stress-free.

Pio makes it fast and easy to keep your warehouse in-house. Once it’s all installed at your place, just plug-and-play and you’re ready to go in minutes.


    Pick and pack around 130 order lines per hour with 99.9% accuracy. That’s kind of a big deal.

  • More convenience, fewer costs

    You invest in the cube (aluminum grid and bins) and we provide the robots as a service where you pay per order line you ship. Nothing else.

  • Straightforward user interface

    Run your entire warehouse system through the Pio Platform, our easy-to-use app.

why pio?


Thoughtfully designed with the future in mind, Pio can be set up exactly how you want to fit your business size and needs. It adapts as you grow.

  • Low carbon footprint

    100W. That's all our robots use every hour — about the same as a laptop.

  • 10x better storage capacity on the same rent

    Pio uses your warehouse capacity to the max, so you can keep it all in-house.

  • Need more space? No problem

    We’ll expand the grid and add more robots and ports as you grow — even when the system is running.


More time to focus

While Pio is busy keeping your inventory and fulfillment best-in-class, you’ll have more time for things like creating a next-level customer experience.

  • Better use of your workforce

    No more endless shelf stacking or heavy lifting, our robots take care of all that — five times faster.

  • Move more with less

    One person can get through 1000+ order lines per day — which means same day shipping and happy customers.

  • Peace of mind

    Our parent company, AutoStore, has delivered reliable cube-based warehouse solutions for over two decades, at thousands of large businesses.

Pio stories

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    Dapper has improved shipping in a big way, saving $128.000 a year.

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    Blender Agency

    Blender Agency can now focus on people and let robots deal with the warehouse.

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    Ko:Ko and the continued success

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    Vakre Vene

    Vakre Vene are now able to enjoy the fruits of their hard work

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We’re here for you. Browse our FAQ or get in touch.

What’s included as part of the installation?

We'll work with you to design your Pio, help you integrate the Pio software with your existing system, deliver and install hardware, run training on the system and provide documentation and ongoing support.

What's the efficiency improvement I can expect using Pio?

Your efficiency gain will depend on a number of factors, such as your picking speed before and after, error reduction ratio and storage area reduction.
Normally 2 to 5 times faster than manual picking operations.

Can we use our existing software with Pio?

Yes. Pio connects with several worldwide ecommerce platforms, and we also have an open API.

This is your future warehouse.

Don't get left behind. Automate your warehouse today.