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Pio System

How it all works

Pio keeps everything in check while you stay in control of your inventory through storing, picking and browsing. All with the help of the Pio Platform — your intuitive connection to the warehouse.

  • Storing

    Pio mirrors your online store. Whenever you scan in a product, it automatically shows up on the Pio Platform. Our robots make sure it’s all stored in the right place.

  • Picking

    All orders are automatically delivered by our robots to your workstation, so all you have to do is pick and pack.

  • Browsing

    You can take products out whenever you want — like a vending machine.

Cubes are the new shelves

All your products are stored inside cubes, constructed out of individual ‘bins’ stacked together. This means you’ll finally be able to make the most out of all the space you’ve got.

How it works


Adding something new into your inventory is easy. Scan your products and our robots will bring you the right bins to store the right things.

How it works


Orders automatically go from your online store to your Pio Platform. Our robots will find the right products in the grid and deliver them to a workstation — order by order. All you have to do is pick and pack.

How it works


Need to get something for a photoshoot or want to test your products? Just look up what you need and take it out any time — like a vending machine.

How it works

Pick and pack

Pio turns something that used to be two steps into just one — pick and pack. Get all your orders ready to go and packed with less people and more accuracy.



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What's the efficiency improvement I can expect using Pio?

Your efficiency gain will depend on a number of factors, such as your picking speed before and after, error reduction ratio and storage area reduction.
Normally 2 to 5 times faster than manual picking operations.

How long does a bin retrieval take?

The Pio system is designed to constantly look for the next pick, to ensure that picking times are as fast as possible. Our robots stay prepared, bringing bins higher in the grid so they can be accessed exactly when needed. The system is also designed to keep high movers at the top of the grid for faster access.

A direct retrieval (Like an inspection) that has no preparation time will take from 20 seconds to 3.5 minutes, depending on where the bin is in the cube.

Can I change the picking list?

Yep, but lots of last minute changes can negatively affect the speed and efficiency of the system.

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