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Redefining space for two decades

We’ve been in the business of storing things for a long time. Our parent company, AutoStore, has delivered revolutionary cube-based warehouse solutions for over two decades. With Pio, small to medium-sized businesses can also benefit from this expertise in automated warehouse technologies — something previously only available for the big corps.

Mats Hovland Vikse from autostore

Pio is a result of our pioneering spirit. We established Pio to make our technology available to smaller businesses. Only 15 % of all the world’s warehouses are automated, and smaller businesses are still widely manual. Pio aims to change that by leveling the playing field so that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of automated storage and distribution systems.

Mats Hovland Vikse

CEO, AutoStore

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our story

We make warehouse automation accessible

For us, it’s all about creating a future where your business can thrive, by democratizing warehouse automation. We provide all the technology and support, so you can focus on what matters to you. And we level the playing field to make your business more competitive out there.

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our story

Designed with the future in mind

When it comes to our responsibility, we strive to drive positive change and reduce our impact on the environment. We don’t claim to be perfect — it’s a continuous journey of improvement.

  • Low carbon footprint

    Pio uses a fraction of the energy traditional warehouses use. 100 W — that’s all the power our robots need, which is less energy than a running laptop. Our robots also regenerate power.

  • Keep it in-house

    With our space saving technology, we’re reducing our environmental impact as there’s no need to re-locate or travel far to store things.

  • Made to last

    We've designed Pio to be robust and reusable, so there's little waste in the warehouse process.

  • Reuse space

    We’ve reduced the need for new warehouses by improving how space is used. Over the years, we’ve avoided building around 10,000 new warehouses.

  • Less transport

    We create space for high-capacity warehouses in small spaces within urban areas, so there’s no need to transport products from an off-site warehouse.

  • 5x more storage. Same footprint.

    There’s no need to rebuild or expand your warehouse for your business to grow — Pio grows with you.

our story

We adapt to your business

Every business is different. Our tried and tested technology and seamless process, from storing products right through to shipping them, gives you the flexibility and autonomy you need to grow as much as you like. With less costs and more control.

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Hands shaping ceramics glass

This is your future warehouse.

Don't get left behind. Automate your warehouse today.