Installation is quick and easy. Our installation experts will take care of the whole installation process, do all the heavy lifting and make sure you’re back up and running in a matter of days or weeks, depending on your warehouse size.

Realization specialist

Our support from start to finish

We’ll assign one of our realization specialists to you for the whole process. Together we'll check precise dimensions and make sure your design will work for your space.


We’ll take care of delivery

When it comes to coordinating the logistics — the delivery of all Pio parts and goods — we’ll get it sorted.

image of installation rails

Prep your warehouse

You’ll need to prep a few things before we install. WiFi and power need to be set up and working. Then your warehouse should be made fully accessible for our Pio installation team.

image of girl using a tablet

Check your tech

Make sure you’ve got all the technical equipment you need to start using Pio properly, before the installation happens. This means an iPad, scanner and label printer.

image of installation rails

Time to install

The Pio installation team will install your grid, workstations and robots. During this process, your online store and shipping will all be connected to your warehouse. When it’s all set up, we’ll do the project commissioning and make sure everything is running smoothly.

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Onsite training

We’ll provide in-depth Pio Platform training so you’re ready to use our app and get going with your warehouse in no time.



We’re here for you. Browse our FAQ or get in touch.

What’s included as part of the installation?

We'll work with you to design your Pio, help you integrate the Pio software with your existing system, deliver and install hardware, run training on the system and provide documentation and ongoing support.

Are there any limits to the size of the system?

A full height Pio system is 16 bins and would require 6.7m (22') from floor to any ceiling or obstacles.

Is there a minimum height required for the grid?

It depends on your design. The minimum bin height is four bins and that will require at least 2.8m (9' 3") from floor to ceiling.

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