Design your Pio

Design your Pio warehouse with our online builder tool to figure see how it would look like. Want us to do it for you? Contact us and we’ll help designing it for you.

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Roughly, what are your current warehouse dimensions?


Build and Integrate

We build your Pio and seamlessly integrate it into your existing system, ensuring seamless collaboration.

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  • our support from start to finish

    We’ll assign a Pio realization specialist to you for the whole installation process. They’ll set up a visit to your warehouse to check precise dimensions, and make sure that the proposed installation design will work in your space.

  • Prep your warehouse

    You’ll need to get your space ready for installation by making sure your WiFi and power are fully functioning, and that you’ve got all your tech — an iPad, scanner and label printer.

  • Make it official

    A typical installation happens about 12 weeks after you’ve placed your order. It takes between three days and two weeks, depending on the size of your warehouse. We’ll also provide in-depth training for the Pio Platform.



Pio utilizes robots to enhance the speed and ease of product picking and packing in your warehouse.

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What’s included as part of the installation?

We'll work with you to design your Pio, help you integrate the Pio software with your existing system, deliver and install hardware, run training on the system and provide documentation and ongoing support.

Can we use our existing software with Pio?

Yes. Pio connects with several worldwide ecommerce platforms, and we also have an open API.

Are there any limits to the size of the system?

A full height Pio system is 16 bins and would require 6.7m (22') from floor to any ceiling or obstacles.

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