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Famme (pronounced “Fahm”) is named after the French word for woman: femme.

The two founders Greg and Michael Taube wanted to nod to their French heritage—with, of course, a Norwegian spin. They had a mission to create best-in-class athletic wear for women, marrying style with function for daily use.

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Growing Pains

Famme’s big differentiator is their unrivaled seamless technology that lends their products their signature comfort. The company sources only the finest technical fibers from trusted places like Fulgar in Italy. They carefully select manufacturers to ensure superior quality, without compromising on environmentally-friendly practices and sustainability.

As Famme grew, their warehouse and fulfillment system was holding them back. They were operating out of a 5,000 sq foot warehouse basement. Orders were going out more slowly than was ideal, and they were quickly running out of storage space. They needed a solution that could flex to their needs. Pio’s modularity meant it was simple to scale as Famme expanded their offering and increased their customer base. And Pio’s ease of installation and integration meant Famme was able to move their entire inventory into their Pio system across just a few days.

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Christer Friis

Success and Expansion

Famme switched to Pio at a crucial inflection point in their business. The unlocked efficiency and storage space enabled them to nurture their brand while minimizing growing pains and logistical headaches. They’ve even expanded since installing their first Pio, moving from a small grid in Oslo to a larger one in Sandefjord.

Now, Famme’s warehouse operates at lightning speed, with workers picking an impressive 150 order lines per hour. As a big plus, the greater efficiency has unlocked a superior working environment, eliminating the fatigue from walking endlessly back and forth to pick products.

Today, Famme has become one of the top athleisure brands in Scandinavia, and their momentum continues upwards. Here at Pio, we’re thrilled to be part of the journey.

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