Meet Our Piople: Brit Inger

Customer Success Specialist Brit Inger brings a calm, warm energy to all that she does here at Pio. Follow along as she shares a peek into her day, from sunrise bike rides along the fjord, to what she loves best about her job.

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I like to start the day early - and enjoy my bike ride to the office in Stavanger. It usually takes me less than 20 minutes, but when the weather is nice, I take the slightly longer scenic route along the Gandsfjord and watch the sun rise behind the mountains.

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I leave home quite early, and only have a quick breakfast which I often eat at my desk when I get to work—a slice of bread with my favorite brown cheese :) While I work, I’ll listen to film score classics performed by philharmonic orchestras.

Usually, I’ll have lunch in the office area downstairs, which is also a chance to meet with our AutoStore colleagues :) I’ll pack sandwiches and fruit — a daily winner for me. Also, l look forward to the new Eastside lunch restaurant to open in a few months (Eastside is where the Pio office is located in Stavanger).

We’re lucky enough to have a paid hour of exercise included in our work week. I usually go for a walk in the forest, or along the fjord. And as it is really dark this time of year, it is great to have a chance to enjoy some daylight and exercise in the middle of the day.

My favorite part of the day is talking with and helping our exceptionally nice customers, which always gives me an energy boost. I also love testing out new features before they are released in the app and documenting them in the Pio Help Center. At the moment, I’ve set up some shelves in our office area in order to test the new shelf pick feature that is coming to the app very soon.

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I like the combination of working both with software and hardware, and how the Pio app is a super easy way of using the pretty advanced AutoStore algorithms which control how the robots work.

Overall, my day is a mix of practical testing and tasks, follow-up with customers and writing/adding more content to our Help Center. I’m a morning person, and I probably produce more content early in the morning, and check in with our customers after lunch time or when their backlog for picking isn’t too long.

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At Pio, we have a monthly social event called "Skoi" (dialect for "fun") which is a highlight and an opportunity to hang out with colleagues outside work hours. We usually do fun things like playing games and checking out new venues in Stavanger.