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Has ChatGPT been giving you…meh? Are you getting frustrated by responses that don’t meet your ask, or are weaker than something you could have come up with yourself? As you’ve been learning, it’s not enough to have access to an AI model.

Just like any tool, you need to know how to use it, to get the best results.

As AI technology weaves more deeply into our everyday lives, smart humans will learn how to leverage the technology to stay ahead and in control. Ecommerce SMB teams can use AI models to unlock the tool’s full potential, multiply their resources, and get way more done across their business goals.

Stop wasting time with prompts that get you nowhere—with our tips, you can nail the prompt and get the answer you need on the first attempt.

Start off strong when using AI models such as ChatGPT, Claude, and Bard, by trying these top 21 prompts every ecommerce SMB should know.

Please note that whenever you’re using text generated by an AI model, it’s always best to double-check and verify the information provided.



  1. Be clear and specific. Your prompts should always be precisely worded, without ambiguity. Don’t use vague language that can be interpreted multiple ways.
  2. Keep it simple. The fewer words, the better. Keep your prompts to 3-5 sentences, especially when starting out.
  3. Provide context. The more context you provide, the more relevant your results will be. Try to include specific details when writing your prompts.
  4. Identify the role you want the AI model to fulfill. Limit the scope of the AI model’s responses by using role-playing methods. For instance, you can request that the AI model behave like a certain entity, whether that’s a job position or an expert in a certain field. You can also give yourself a role, so that the AI model can contextualize its answer.

Now that you’ve reviewed the basics, try out these prompts to unlock shortcuts and hyper-productivity for all your SMB needs, from marketing to customer service.





Ecommerce Website Optimization and SEO Ranking

1. “Behave like an ecommerce and SEO expert. Find and list all relevant SEO keywords and search phrases for [product/URL].”

2. "Write a product description for [product], including [product attributes] and [relevant search keywords]."

3. "Create a list of audience demographics that would [benefit from/look for] a [product or service]."

4. "Behave like an ecommerce and SEO expert. Write a meta title for [ product title/description].”

5. "Behave like an ecommerce and SEO expert. Write a meta description between 150-160 characters for [product title/description/meta title].”

6. "Behave like an ecommerce and SEO expert. Map out which landing pages [website URL] will need to rank in the following [keywords]."

7. “Act like an ecommerce and SEO expert. What can be done to optimize [website URL] for SEO in an ecommerce context?”


Ecommerce Website and Social Media Content

8. "Create content in a [tone of voice] for our ecommerce “About Us” page from [this URL /draft information]."

9. "Create a template to explain standard ecommerce return policy using [country] laws."

10. “Translate the following [product description/website text] to [language]. The text is for an ecommerce [product description/page] and you should use appropriate terms and keywords in the new language.”

11. "Act as an ecommerce expert and craft a high-converting [product collection description/product title] for the [product] from [brand]."

12. "Create examples of ecommerce campaigns for [*optional*holiday season/new customers etc.] for [product/our brand]."13. "Write a [Instagram/TikTok] caption about [product/topic] in an informative and friendly tone and include relevant hashtags and emojis."14. “Act as a copywriter skilled in ecommerce and marketing. Draft several [email/ad] campaigns to retarget customers who did not complete their purchase”

15. "Make the following copy more [creative/emphatic/engaging/professional]:"

16. "Simplify the following copy to make it more digestible, while still keeping the same information: [Copy or website URL]."

17. List several ways to leverage influencer marketing for an ecommerce [industry] brand.


Ecommerce Support

18. "Create a template for an [email/chat response] to customers inquiring about [product/issue]."

19. “Act like an expert in ecommerce and customer service. List ten phrases customer support agents in ecommerce can use to show empathy and care.”

20."Generate a list of all possible [FAQ/chatbot prompts] related to our [product description]."

21. "Act like an ecommerce and customer service expert and write ten frequently asked questions for [your website name/URL/website description]."