Your ports — where the bins get delivered — are located at each workstation. This is where you’ll pick and pack all your orders. Whether you have one workstation or multiple, our robots can deliver products to any of them.


Productivity and comfort, combined.

Employee safety, comfort and productivity come first. Our workstations are designed to be at the ideal height, so you can always work comfortably, and each workstation provides multiple safety features to prevent accidents.

  • Measurements

    W: 550 mm L: 600 mm H: 705 mm (W: 1.8 feet) (L: 1.9 feet) (H: 2.3 feet)

  • Maximum Bin Throughput

    150 bins per hour

  • Voltage

    24 VDC

  • Power consumption

    20 Watts (average)

  • Acceleration

    0.8 m/s² (2.6 ft/s²)



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How many ports do I need?

This will depend on how many orders you need to process. Explore our packages or try our builder tool to help you gauge your needs, or get in touch.

How long does a bin retrieval take?

The Pio system is designed to constantly look for the next pick, to ensure that picking times are as fast as possible. Our robots stay prepared, bringing bins higher in the grid so they can be accessed exactly when needed. The system is also designed to keep high movers at the top of the grid for faster access.

A direct retrieval (Like an inspection) that has no preparation time will take from 20 seconds to 3.5 minutes, depending on where the bin is in the cube.

Can I change the picking list?

Yep, but lots of last minute changes can negatively affect the speed and efficiency of the system.

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