Meet our robots — they’re dedicated, dependable and work tirelessly so you don’t have to. They accurately track down, retrieve and deliver all your products while being as energy efficient as possible.

an image of a robot on a metal structure
  • Access your stock, any time

    You’ll have 100% access to what you need whenever you need it — any robot can collect products from a bin and deliver to any workstation.

  • Say goodbye to heavy lifting

    Our robots do all of that for you. Less physical lifting means way less injuries to your workforce.

  • Always energy efficient

    100W. That’s the energy our robots use, about the same as a running laptop. They also regenerate power — energy is returned to the battery which makes Pio one of the only systems capable of running on just solar power.

  • Measurements

    W: 700 mm L: 963 mm H: 545 mm (W: 2.3 feet) (L: 3.2 feet) (H: 1.8 feet) With antenna

  • Weight

    145 kg (397 lbs) With batteries

  • Power consumption

    100 Watts (operation)

  • Operating temperature

    2°C–35°C (35°F–95°F)

  • Top speed

    3.1m/s 11km/h (7mph)

  • Acceleration

    0.8m/s² (2.6ft/s²)

  • Lift speed

    1.6m/s (5.25ft/s)



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What kind of battery powers the robot?

Our robots use two 12V/105Ah AGM batteries as a standard.

How long does a robot take to recharge?

Each robot needs at least four hours of continuous charging per day to maintain battery lifetime (assuming a normal working day of less than 20 hours). Robots will opportunistically charge when the activity on the grid allows it.

What if one of my robots stops working?

If one of your robots happens to break, no problem — we’ll swap it out for you.

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