Pio Platform

Run your entire warehouse through the Pio Platform, our easy-to-use app. You’ll have access to your inventory, orders, shipping and 24/7 support — all in one place.

image of a girl interacting with a tablet in a warehouse
  • Easily prioritize orders

    Order prioritization lets you tailor your operations to meet specific time slots

  • save time with partial shipments

    Send partial shipments based on arrival of products into your inventory

  • smart traffic system, endless efficiency

    Our automatic smart traffic system (by AutoStore) is always efficient — the controller sends tasks to your robots, constantly adjusting their locations and paths, in real time.

Orders made easy

We respect your time. Our app makes sure all your orders and shipments are taken care of as efficiently as possible.



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What software programs are provided with Pio?

We use an app to manage our system, but it's designed to easily integrate with your existing order software, and has an intuitive design that makes it simple to use. Find out more here.

Can we use our existing software with Pio?

Yes. Pio connects with several worldwide ecommerce platforms, and we also have an open API.

Do you need a service technician on site to run Pio?

Nope. All You need is a Pio 'super user' — a member of staff who has been trained on the system by one of us. It's usually an employee who works closely with the Pio system. Like a warehouse manager.

This is your future warehouse.

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