Each grid is built custom to fit the exact dimensions of your space and inventory needs. We’ll make sure your grid makes the most out of all the space you’ve got. Time to stop air-housing and start warehousing.

storing boxes inside storing system
  • Railway for robots

    The grid features tracks running in both directions (X and Y), which allows robots easy access to any of the bins inside.

  • Lightweight construction

    Made of sturdy and lightweight aluminium, there’s no heavy construction involved — pieces slots together like LEGO™ bricks.

  • Grow easy

    When you need to grow your business, the grid can be easily extended without impacting your regular operations. Grid extensions are isolated to an area.

  • Material

    Fully recyclable aluminum

  • Components

    17 parts, including tracks, columns, grid walls,
AutoStore shock-absorption fence, self-leveling grid foot

  • Operating temperature

    2°C–35°C (35°F–95°F)

  • Minimum clearance

    600mm (2ft)

  • Recommended clearance

    2m (6.5ft)

  • Minimum height

    4 bins

  • Maximum height

    16 bins 5.4m (17.75ft)

  • Recommended width/length ratio

    Between 1:1 and 1:3

  • Recommended robot allocation

    25 grid cells per robot



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Are there any limits to the size of the system?

A full height Pio system is 16 bins and would require 6.7m (22') from floor to any ceiling or obstacles.

Can I install Pio if the height of the grid varies? (I.e. different heights from the top of the grid to the floor.)

Yes, our only requirement is that the top of each grid is flat (on the same height level).

Is there a minimum height required for the grid?

It depends on your design. The minimum bin height is four bins and that will require at least 2.8m (9' 3") from floor to ceiling.

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