Jonathan’s path to Pio began with a summer internship at AutoStore three years ago. This experience led him to base his bachelor’s thesis on experiences at AutoStore, which was successful.

So successful, in fact, that he has spent the last two years working on research into a commercial product that will soon be sold by AutoStore all over the world.

Then, as Jonathan’s master’s studies were coming to an end and he needed to decide what was next, he heard Pio was hiring in Stavanger and immediately knew it would be the place for him.

Outside his work with Pio, he also works on a passion project that aims to make every home greener by eliminating the hassle and knowledge requirements of plant care. An extension of his master’s thesis, the project uses a data-driven approach to create a precise plant care and automatic watering system.

Jonathan is able to apply the skills he has learned while working on the plant project during the day in his work with Pio and is able to continue working on his passions outside after the workday is over. This in turn solidifies his work-life skills to become a better software developer, which he considers a win-win situation.