In a traditional warehouse, you start your day by reviewing recent orders, strategizing to pick and pack as many orders as possible before your shipping carrier arrives. Batch picking can help save time, but when orders come in fast, a backlog begins to grow.

With the P100, you stay on top of orders. The robots work 24/7 to prepare all incoming orders, so that they're lined up and ready to be picked before the day begins. The system calculates the most efficient sequencing for picking, so there's no need to plan out batch picks. You simply open the Pio app, launch the Picking workflow, and hit the ground running.

When you need to prioritize certain orders, you can do that too.


Storing with the P100

Replenishment is an incredibly time-consuming process.

With the P100, you no longer need to spend time walking around the warehouse to put stock away manually.

All you need to do is launch the Store workflow, identify the bin split that you’d like to use, confirm the product, and place the items inside the bin. Update the quantity, then it’s on to the next item.



Searching with the P100

Use the Search workflow in the app to find the item you want. You'll see the inventory count —and all the bins in which it's located. Need to grab one quickly? Request the first bin in the list to be brought to the access port. Once it’s at the port, you can retrieve your item and manually update the inventory count before you send it back to the grid.


Returns with the P100

Returns are effortless with the P100. You use the Storing workflow just as you would with new inventory, and items are swiftly sent back into the grid.

The next time that item is ordered or searched, the bin containing the returned item will be treated just like any other bin containing that SKU.


The Ultimate Warehouse Machine

The P100 is the missing piece your business needs to thrive Try out our pricing and savings calculator to discover what size P100 your warehouse requires, and contact our team to learn more.