A day in the life for a Pio Worker

The vibe in your warehouse is a little different with Pio at your fingertips. The days of strategizing how to hustle through aisles of shelves for your products are a thing of the past.

We mean business when we say that Pio will free your business. Not only does the transition to Pio’s cube storage allow you to maximize the warehouse space you already have, but it enables vastly more efficient workflows that can improve quality of life for you and your team. We think that Pio is exactly what you’ve been looking for — and we’d like to show you how!

Picking with Pio

Nowadays, you probably start your day by looking at how many orders have come in (or what your backlog looks like) and how you can pick and pack as many orders as possible before your carrier arrives for pickup. Maybe you’ve even implemented a known method like batch picking in order to improve efficiency, but you’re still struggling to keep up. Sounds stressful, right? That’s because it is — and your team feels it too.

Instead, imagine your backlog as a distant memory! While you and your team are off the clock and living your lives, robots are preparing all of your customers’ orders to be picked once you come back to work. Pio already knows the most efficient sequence for your orders to be picked, so no need to plan out batch picks anymore. Just open the Pio app, launch the Picking workflow, and hit the ground running.

In cases where you need to prioritize certain orders to get out the door faster, you can do that too.


Storing with Pio

You know what time it is. It’s that time when all of your restocking orders show up at the loading dock and someone (everyone?) needs to make time out of whatever other tasks they’re doing to unbox everything, check the invoices to verify items received, and then get everything out and into the shelves. Its an incredibly time-consuming process that does nothing to improve your customer satisfaction, but is critical to your operation and needs to be done timely and accurately for your business to succeed.

How does Pio help here? You still need to unbox and count items, sure. But it’s that third step where Pio really shines because you no longer need to spend the time walking around the warehouse with a cart to put everything in it’s right place.

Pio will always know what items are in which bin inside the grid — so all you need to do is launch the Store workflow, identify the bin split that you’d like to use, confirm the product that you’re about to store, and place the items inside the bin presented to you. Update the quantity, then it’s on to the next item!


Searching with Pio

Now all of that sounds great, right? But you might be thinking one step ahead and wondering how you can retrieve items when they’re not being picked for an order — which is a great question! After all, your inventory is all safely stored within the grid and not accessible by foot. It’s no longer as simple as walking down an aisle and grabbing the item you need from a shelf. Fortunately with Pio, it’s even more simple.

Use the Search workflow in the app to search your entire store for the item you want. The app will then show you a full inventory count of that item — and all of the bins it can be found in. Just need to grab one quickly? Request the first bin in the list to be brought to the port you’re at! Once it’s at the port, you can retrieve your item and manually update the stock count of items in the bin before you send it back to the grid.


Returns with Pio

Processing returns back into stock in a conventional warehouse is an incredibly tedious task. After sorting through and making sure items are ready to be re-sold, your team then needs to get those items back to their physical locations within the warehouse. Yuck!

With Pio, those return carts are a thing of the past. Simply use the Storing workflow as you would with new inventory, and items will be sent back into the grid with no fuss. The next time that item is ordered or searched, the bin containing the previously-returned item will be treated just like any other bin containing that SKU.


Level up your warehouse

Pio is the missing piece from your growth strategy. Freeing your business by implementing automation in your warehouse allows you to simultaneously grow and focus on the parts of your business that matter to your customers.

Check out our pricing and savings estimates to see what size Pio would be right for your business and contact our team.